The First Step to Begin Your Journey of Finding a Job Anywhere in the World

Hello honuguavers*! And welcome to the first video in our amazing seven video series on Seven Steps to Begin Your Journey of Finding a Job Anywhere in the World. We hope these seven steps will help provide a basic foundation to launch off on your new job search and build up your career profile.

It comprises of steps for you to try out and check off as we go through them. (And yes, I do speak very fast but hey, it is our fist video series). …So, let us hesitate no further, and introduce the first step that we have found most applicable in setting off on our our international job searches, which is:


  • Take it from our experience, it is better to spend the  time defining what you want now, then second guessing latter what exactly this means. One can always find new interests but taking careful consideration now will and finding the right inspiration and motivation now will keep you on track longer.
  • Understand what you want through self discovery. What excites you, drains you, or even upsets you? What are you good at? Approach it as you would in language learning, if the subject matter is not targeted to your interest then you wont study it. So find a job category that will motivate you.  If you are good at the topic then there is even a greater likelihood for success through swift understanding and improvement, so try to solve what makes this combination of skill sets + interest for you.
  • For some amusing resources to help you uncover the true realities about yourself, we recommend these two sites:
    • The first compares you to your career animal and what career culture you best thrive in. Try it here.
    • The second goes more in depth, not only focusing on your career personality. Which of the 16Personalities are you? (Brittany is a Protagonist owl panther by the way ^.^)
  • Now list all the companies that catch your attention; if you wish you had dreamed up say, Uber, Twitter, or the Clap on Clap Off Lamp then write it down now. Look at the patterns in the types of organisations and company cultures that you listed.
  • Where are many of these companies/organisations located? Or, if you are the entrepreneur type, which countries are missing your product/service and would likely be interested in your product?

Take careful consideration in constructing this list and don’t worry so much on being realistic at first just jot down any and all things that come to your mind and then look at it with a more critical eye only after the completion of your list.

Mahalo nui loa for joining us for step one! See you tomorrow lovely.

 *Honuguaver – an amazing, fun loving person who embarrasses challenges, faces adversity, and strives for self improvement, all the while falling for the extreme beauties and realities of this world…. and that is you.

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