Loving Diversity

 In addition to being a tool assisting you along your career path, part of the purpose of this blog is also to help our readers relax and have a laugh. Valentina and I most certainly were laughing and both rolling on the floor when we saw this video made by Stella Choe.

So here it is in our first post for our Global Inspiration section as diversity has to be the best part of living abroad. There is nothing better then meeting unbelievable new people and having dear friends across the globe to share in each others journeys, for the rest of your life.

My first day at Waipahu High School on Oahu, Hawaii, I remember one of the first questions that was asked to me was, “What is your ethnicity.” Well white/caucasian, (I had already been told I was the one of the maybe four in our school of 2,000). Valentina also remembers the multiple occasions in which people were confused about her nationality, and specially, the first time that she was asked to identify her race in the U.S. (Latino, hispanic? – mmm… perhaps Latin America would be her  favorite way to identify her race, but it is not an option while filling out the forms!

But still not the right answer. “Where does your family come from…” Well here, from the U.S.A… oh well I was born in Colorado, Mom is from Mississippi and Dad is from Idaho. I see eyes rolling, I realised then that I was hopeless…

Finally, I had to go home and ask my momma what the hell ethnicity was… and she then struggled to trace ours but I think as I grow older I am now starting to get my “true place of origin” down.

However, lucky for us, if you are reading this blog, you must surely be feeling the sense that you are in fact a citizen of the world. Your definition of your nationality and sense of belonging will continuously evolve as you become connected to  engrossing places and intriguing people again and again.

You will repeatedly meet people who have just a hard of a time answering this question as you currently do or soon will.

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