The Second Step to Begin Your Journey of Finding a Job Anywhere in the World

Welcome back Honuguavers! Today we will be facing the most arduous yet crucial step in this seven video series which is:

Step 2.  Look into the Country Requirements:

Each country is different in this regard, so it is best to look online now, contact your embassy or a placement agency in your targeted country(s). Email, call or go in personally until you have your answers. You can find many forums today where people from your own country are discussing this exact topic.

For example, working in Switzerland if you are not an EU citizen is nearly impossible to find a job in the private sector; unless you are transferred from your country of origin or residence by your current company. This is due to visa restrictions and also simply because as you may be someone relatively new to the foreign country’s workforce.  The priority in most countries is given to someone with a similar resume, residing in that particular country and thus would not need to be sponsored you for a work permit.

I have recently heard from a career placement agency contact who said that the best way to get around this is to attend a well known public school within this country in order to apply for a part time job that is targeted and in demand for that country.

You may be given time to work in that country as an international student. You may either be authorised to work a certain amount of months or part-time  for the duration of your studies. As a student, you may be eligible to work for private companies as well.

It is also possible to apply for a international or non-profit organisation within your target country.  It is also suggested to check if there is a holiday-working visa for this country. This visa can provide an opportunity to  job search and network in the city you are interested in.

Which ever route you chose, get started now in learning the language of the country.

Gracias for watching/reading and hope that this post did not discourage you, but only make you aware of important aspects to consider upfront when pursuing and international career.

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