The Sixth Step to Begin Your Journey of Finding a Job Anywhere in the World

6.  Dive into the local job search websites:

Hola Honuguavers! It is great to have you back for step 6!

This one is rather straight forward. When looking for a job domestically or abroad,  it is essential to look at the job announcements in depth. Looking for a job in a foreign country may be a bit more intimidating than looking for a job at the local level.

Start with a simple google search “job search websites + your country.” This alone will lead you to forums where you can find a list of websites by people living or studying in that country. LinkedIn, Glassdoor and local university websites highly contribute to your quest of finding announcements for positions abroad. This is the link to a Business Insider post ‘A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting A Job Through LinkedIn’

Please feel free to be as creative a possible!

If are having trouble finding information about jobs in a particular location, try the previously mentioned websites like Meetup or Internations to ask specific questions to their members. Alternatively, you can always e-mail us at for specific questions, and we will be happy to try to find the answers for you.

Also, don’t forget to go to the career sections of some of the companies that you listed in Step one. You can often find jobs publicised on these networks which in many cases, may not have been posted on the job search websites. Set reminders to check them regularly or sign up for their job notification alerts.

This step also includes posting your resume/cv on job placement agency websites to see if they can place you into a desired position.

A lot of these websites can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. However, once you have you key words down and favorites saved, it starts becoming much less painful and a bit more exciting.

Have a great weekend and see you back for the final step or our series on beginning your journey of finding a job anywhere in the world 🙂

Mahalo nui loa – thank  you (Hawaiian)

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