SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS TO HELP YOU STAND OUT – Pragmatic Advice from a 12 year old (Unedited)

By Conner (Age 12)

Social media is key in our society, constituting most face to face conversions. But, as jobs look at new recruits, they often stumble upon your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. As we grow depended on social media, lets fix your social media profile or profiles before you loss a job to it.

As we start, here there are some road rules on posting on social media:

  • no drugs or illegal substances posts or mentions
  • no overuse of selfies (I would say 1 per day max.)
  • don’t brag and be humble
  • don’t clutter your page with useless updates, photos or information

As you can see, these rules are pretty obvious, but this is a website on how to find a job, so here there are some tips and tricks on how to make social media, a resumé booster:

  • post creative and unique stuff instead of selfies
  • DIYs
  • videos over pictures
  • show new and exciting content

Hopefully, this post show you a lot of recommendations to redo your Social Media profiles (or profile) and to get you a job with that.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.33.44 Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.33.58 Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.34.42Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.47.01 Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.34.54

Sources: The Undercover Recruiter,  Reed Marketing & Creative jobs, Jobvite: Endless Innovation in Recruiting Technology, Bullhorn Reach: a social recruiting solution, The Guardian Careers 



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