Begin with “Why”

Why do you do what you do?”


“Why” is the perfect question to ask at a new beginning.

As Honuguava wines its way up from the ground, it only makes sense to layout its roots now, by answering why.. sooo, — why do we write this blog?

I, Brittany Burkholder,(tall one from Oahu), write in this blog because If we are lucky enough to choose what to do with our lives, we should enact this freedom as long as it doesn’t physically hurt the person next to us . We decide what we want to do and who we want to be.

I want to be an entrepreneur and live abroad in multiple countries. Traveling the world brings me challenges that educate me and diversity that inspires me. This makes me happy and furthers my drive to do more.

The problem to this is that as we face more and more barriers it seems near impossible to accomplish this… How do we live and work abroad? Honuguava goes beyond a travel blog as traveling is taking a leap while relocating to another country is pole vaulting across skyscrapers.

We write this to research how to achieve greatness and surpass any hurdles, journalling our own process as we go along and continue to do what we love. Feel free to share your tips or concerns as making the jump is daunting.

This video can help to paint the picture for a future business model or challenge your pre-existing marketing strategy. But “why” is a good question to ask ourselves again and again. It helps us narrow our search and be true with what it is we really want.

If your the kind of person who wants to challenge the impossible share your thoughts here and consider yourself a welcomed Honuguaver for life.

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