Remember Your Strength



“I took one of my favorite photos just before Ella’s first triathlon,” says Kate. “She was really nervous, so I said, ‘Hey, let me see how brave you can look.’ When I showed her the photo, she said, ‘Aw, yeah!’ Pretending to be strong gave her the confidence to say, wait a minute, I really am that way.” – Kate Parker 

What do you see when you look at this image?

For me, this is how I look before I set out on my next big, life adventure. When your traveling to new countries or environments, you can “reinvent yourself.” Though by saying to “reinvent” I really mean be the person who we are or want to be with a brave face on. When you travel, most likely no one has a clue who you are. You are the mystery woman or man playing the leading role, and kicking ass.

For me, this feeling goes away once routine sets in. I start to doubt myself and sell myself short. The arms drop to their perspective sides, gaze plummets downward, and… I lean against the wall. And this can all happen when I am really trying to push my best image forward.

From my time working and traveling abroad, my biggest message to you and that I reming to myself is… “I am amazing” (See even writing this I wanted to write pretty amazing). By admitting our awesomeness we are not saying we are perfect, we are working at deconstructing our own barriers that hold us back. So many times we say, I am just an intern or I only did such and such. We do not have to brag our accomplishments just do not put yourself down.

While traveling alone you realise that you are the one guaranteed thing to have to count on in your life. Your own strength, optimism, drive, and force of good faith pushing you forward and cannot be taken away. Do not sell yourself short. Build on your strengths,  remind yourself daily that, yes, I did great today.


“You are supposed to be the leading lady of your own life for Gods sake!”

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