Job Search Site – Geneva

Dear Honuguavers,

Today’s post is a brief one. Here on Honuguava we want to help our readers find a job anywhere in the world.

This site is for those who either:

  1. Are aspiring to work outside the private sector in Geneva. Including: international organisations, NGOs, non-profits, charities, aid organisations, consulting firms, development banks, health and trade organisations, development banks… on and on πŸ™‚
  2. And/or a non EU national who is searching for a Job in Geneva and cannot work in the private sector
    • (Why? Now companie11940628_10153509276451071_1718693943_ns in Geneva have to apply for your work permit where before it was the employee’s responsibility thus taking up the companies resources. On top of this, those who hired you must now go in front of their board and explain why they chose to select someone outside of the EU. If you are specialised maybe this is fine, but for many of us starting off, it is unlikely. One employer told me the raw truth, that applications from non-EU applicants go straight into the trash.)

So if you fall into either category, check it out! It is a solid place to start:Β

To help out those who are not familiar with the job search websites in your country, submit your favourite job search website to to have it featured in the following weeks! Merci in advance!




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