Travelogue: The odds of sitting next to someone awesome on an airplane


Hallo Honuguavers:
This is a special post to highlight the odds of meeting a fantastic person on an airplane.
My beautiful and wise mother, Jenny Velandia, once said, ~Do not underestimate the power of travel. Always look your best when you go on a trip because you never know with whom you might cross paths along the way.

As I (Valentina) was traveling back from New York City last year, I sat next to Jasmin, a lovely Swiss woman with a vibrant personality. We clicked from the very begining. We shared our lives for at least half of the trajectory from NYC to Zürich. I have now made a beautiful life-long friend.

Jasmin is the warm celebration of fearless and powerful women taking responsibility for their own destiny. Through her blog ‘geniesse dein Leben’ she explores human perplexity with unparalleled honesty and spiritual grace in a fantastic series of short essays on marriage, divorce, being a single mother, destiny, enjoying life at the maximum potential and true courage.


Jasmin offers workshops in German language. The workshops are mostly in person, but she is happy to meet via Skype for German-speakers who live outside of Switzerland. Jasmin is a life coach and her goal is to help individuals find true happiness and satisfaction. Jasmin works with groups of 3-8 people, but also offers specialized workshops in smaller groups (although this is due to selective interest of the clients).

I help people by teaching them how to listen to their inner voice, their true needs and how to follow their heart and calling.  Besides the theory, the sessions include a multiplicity of examples and  practical exersices for day-to-day use. “

The best way to contact Jasmin is via e-mail through her contact page.
This is the link to her upcoming workshops

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