Step Back – Refocus – Step It Up

By Brittany Burkholder

Where do you start? Where do you begin as someone who wants to jump careers… or jump boarders… or jump boundaries, and attempt something new?

By creating routines.

A retrograde step, or a breakthrough? More of a release. By eliminating decisions that are unimportant, you find a focus that puts your energy towards the decisions that effect what is important to you – your training to make that jump.

It is simple and works. And you pick and chose the routines that make sense for you and your lifestyle.

For us they are as simple as limiting breakfast and lunch routines.  For breakfast, I have either greek yogurt or oatmeal. I bring lunch to work, which consists of lean protein, spinach/lentils, black/pinto beans. Absurd amount of time goes into dreading grocery shopping and lunch planning. Now the only decision making is dinner and then it is pure joy.

I now look forward to my goals with more ease than alarm. I was look for something to calm my overrun mind one morning and a podcast episode explained it perfectly. “More Output and Less Overwhelm,” Episode 6 of the Tim Ferris Show Podcast, (not on the website, but on the Podcasts App.) The two of you would be introduced eventually, if not already. And his best advice is explained in a short 13 minutes bus ride or morning commute. Try this to unshackle your first move.

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