The LinkedIn Effect

Article originally published on LinkedIn by Andres Vrant  in Spanish Language and it is now translated to English by below for your use and reference.

Call it the “LinkedIn LNKD -3.55% Effect.” Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook have changed the nature of human interaction forever.” Rick Smith, FORBES Contributor

LinkedIn® has proven to be, over and over again, an efficient tool for the creation of professional networks. In fact, it connects, strengthens and expands existing contacts with one another, and beyond. The platform also has the capacity to boost your professional career, your business, as well as to introduce potential opportunities and clients. It can even increase your income (believe it or not)!

The growth rate of LinkedIn is simply staggering. A recent metric estimated that this platform expands at a much faster pace compared to the estimated forecast conducted 10 years ago. The full scope of LinkedIn’s dynamism has taken the company to innovate at at unprecedented rates when it comes to its base product, and also to the develop and transform their home page into a newsfeed for professionals. Today, LinkedIn is revolutionising the information space by becoming the main source for the consumption of niche business content.

¿Why is it important to consider LinkedIn as your professional platform from now? 

  • LinkedIn is, among other factors, a platform which includes a free news service from the main industries around the world. These news are not only important for you, but also for your connections, colleagues, and for an encompassing professional audience.
  • LinkedIn allows individuals and companies to follow multiple industry trends and it also facilitates the access of information by key followers within the field.
  • If you are constantly on the go, LinkedIn Today is available to let you access your account(s) from your iPhone, tablet, or Android.
  • When you would like to add a content source to the platform, you can share it as an update. If by any circumstance you are unable to finish reading an article, you will be able to read and access the piece later on.

LinkedIn gets even more interesting when it comes to monetary returns if you would like to start your own business. LinkedIn will help you understand how to navigate your entrepreneurial endeavour. Think about it! You have found your own space within the most important news exchange market in the world. The content is adaptable and personalised to meet your particular goals, too. You will be exposed to potential suppliers and companies which are relevant for your industry. In addition, LinkedIn will help you establish a tailored information feed to better understand your audience and to maintain a competitive advantage. It is essential that you are aware of the benefits, and that you recognise the opportunities for your business that this platform can bring.

A study from Pew Research Center revealed that a large group of American citizens are dedicating a vast portion of their time to the consumption of online media content. Online information from companies and brands bring consumers together through mouth to web information sharing. Almost a third of consumers are more prone to support and follow the brands which develop, share and produce constant news content on social media.

LinkedIn serves as an extraordinary way to inform individuals without having to experience information overload. It is very likely that it will evolve into an even more relevant platform in the near future. LinkedIn’s massive reach, which does not only benefit your own professional career, but also your personal life, will ensure that your achieve your maximum potential.

The LinkedIn Effect can be evidenced in a model consisting of 3 stages and 6 parts

  1. Establish your presence
    1. We cannot market something that simply does not exist. Therefore, creating a profile is a crucial step to guarantee that you have an online professional presence for your:
      1. Individual profile
      2. Company profile
      3. Brand profile
      4. Product or service profile
      5. Portafolio
      6. Movement
  2. Build your identity
    1. Your identity is the combination of multiple factors and actions. You cannot shape your public identity if you do not build a content community. Identity is key for the initial monetisation of your product or service because LinkedIn allows you to gain reputation and credibility through it.
  1. Create a Community
    1. A comunity is a key ingredient for marketing in general. It is necessary to create a community in LinkedIn and on other social media outlets. Creating a community is not an easy task. It is a long process that requires consistency, coherence and patience.
  2. Strengthen your network
    1. It may sound redundant to speak about networking within the social network context. However, organic growth does not strengthen your network by default. In fact, it is a must to encourage individuals and companies to actively work on the enhancement of their accounts. This will also allow you to create robust and holistic connections capable of interacting with other members of the community.
  1. Develop content
    1. Machines need fuel to function. The marketing machine on LinkedIn requires content through which knowledge is shared, transferred, curated, or developed from scratch. Using the aforementioned mixture of social media strategies results in interesting, valuable and effective content that will reinforce your identity and community.
  2. Schedule your posts
    1. The editorial calendar on LinkedIn provides structure, order and discipline to boost your online presence, your identity, your community, your networks and your knowledge. Your publications and your strategy/tactics reflect the quality of your content through the so-called Cronopost.

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge on the topic, we invite you to read Andres Vrant’s book – El Efecto LinkedIn (In Spanish). If you do not speak Spanish, do not worry, we are here to assist you through this process, too. HonuGuava offers one-on-one consultancy services to help you structure your online profile, to expand your network and take your international career to the next level. Contact us at



Forbes – The LinkedIn Effect

“Certainly, social media is now pervasive among young and old alike for social purposes; it is fun, sometimes voyeuristic, and often unexpectedly entertaining. Yet for professionals seeking to achieve the highest levels of position and impact, it is no longer an optional activity. Long-term career success is now dependent upon it.”

Social Networking – The LinkedIn Effect 

“ONLINE recommendations are the fuel that drives our economy. Only the foolhardy would book a holiday without checking Tripadvisor, step into an Uber car without looking at the driver’s rating, or buy a book from Amazon without investigating the comments. We review business acquaintances, too: on LinkedIn, a social networking site for businesspeople, online recommendations and endorsements of a person’s character and commitment act as an individual’s bona fides.”


Graph on the LinkedIn effect


andresAndrés Velásquez is a Psychology and Cognitive Science Graduate from Jesuit’s Xavierian University (Colombia). He holds a Marketing Communication Diplomature through the Dale Carnegie Institute, and a Master Degree on Advertising from the Universitad de Barcelona. His Postgraduate Studies are on Business, focusing on the Digital. He also attended the Escuela de Empresa and the Life Long Learning Institute.  Most recently,Andrés received a Scholarship from the US Department of State to serve as a Fellow on Research and Innovation at Missouri State University and he was appointed to be part of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. Andres Velasquez is a Freelance Speaker and Trainer on Linkedin Subjects since 2007.

You can access the personal website from Andres here


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