HonuGuava is a “how to” site for international personal & professional branding.

What does HonuGuava mean?

HonuGuava is a blend of our co-founder’s places of origin: Hawaii and Colombia. Valentina and Brittany’s professional experiences range from France, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the Netherlands, Serbia, Greece, and the USA –> to our home-base, Switzerland!

What services do we offer?

We are a network of resourceful individuals who strongly believe that there is no such a thing as dreaming too big! Finding a job abroad never felt so real.
After cracking the rigorous regulations to work internationally first hand, we aim to equip individuals with the right tools to break through the stages of legal requirements, conditions, planning, contracts, and language pre-requisites for finding a job in their dream geography.
We also aim to be a sporadic inspirational escape to relieve the stress that can accompany this demanding pursuit.
We conduct professional development trainings and workshops and we also do 1:1 advisory sessions (Individual 1-hour session or Package of 6 sessions). The content to be covered is as follows:
  1. Goal setting and labor identity: We work with you to discover yourself and to understand the plurality of passions and labor identities you may have: a cultivation of the new YOU which is more global, situated into the well-being of your current and future ecosystem.
  2. Professional Brand Optimization: We provide individualised services to shape your professional profile based on the criteria of the country you would like to relocate to and work at. This includes story telling components and activities.
  3. Holistic document review: We review, edit and translate (If needed) your CV and cover letters. 
  4. Unconventional job-hunting strategies: Once you are proud of your professional profiles on and off-line, we lead you on how to be more strategic and proactive on your search to identify key job opportunities within the global labor market.
  5. Networking as task-oriented pragmatism: We guide you to employ a targeted outreach to reach potential employees and influencers on your field of work or preference. 
  6. Theories of Interviewing and preparation: We prepare you on how to turn a professional interview into a meaningful dialogue. 

***NOTE: We accommodate to your wishes and customize to meet your needs and to bring a valuable experience for you. Most importantly, we have fun while working together – Some people describe us as the team with endless positivity. 

How do the sessions take place?  

We are based in Zurich, Switzerland, but we operate worldwide. If you are on a location which falls outside of our physical reach, we can schedule our sessions to be on Skype. 
You can send us an e-mail to honuguava@gmail.com for more information.

What do we post on our website? 

Visit our website https://honuguava.com/ for tips and tricks on how to find a job in certain locations.  We do often interview world leaders and influencers on the topics of global mobility and international career development.


Valentina Stoeckler

Valentina Stoeckler isIMG_8807 an international communications consultant with expertise in diversity and gender inclusion. She has had the pleasure to work with the United Nations System (UN Women Singapore Committee, OHCHR), The International Disability Alliance, Dick Clark Productions, The International Women Rights Action Watch (IWRAW), California State University System (CSULB), and more. She holds a BA in Communication Studies and a Master’s in International Relations and Diplomacy with emphasis in Gender Policy. Last year, Valentina moderated communications throughout EDGE Strategy, The Global Certification for Gender Equality in the Workplace, and served as a client advisor for the launch of certification announcements for the World Bank, IKEA, Zurich Insurance, L’Oréal, Elsevier, SAP and more.

Valentina occupies herself with social justice issues and strives to democratise education systems. She volunteers with Capacity Switzerland and serves as a mentor to refugees and migrants living in Switzerland.

Brittany Burkholder
brittanyThough Brittany Burkholder no longer works for Honuguava she was a co-founder and source of inspiration for the site. Her work experience includes organisations such as the International Air Transport Association, UNCTAD, the International Trade Center, the U.S. Senate, and the International Women’s Action Rights Watch (IWRAW).She has a Master in International Relations and Diplomacy from the International University in Geneva and a Bachelor in Asian Studies from the University of Hawaii. Brittany studied abroad in Japan and Korea.
Brittany is a diversity champion.

This website went live on June 21, 2015 from the living room of Brittany’s apartment in Geneva. We hope you find it both fun and useful.

DISCLAIMER: We are not headhunters, recruiters, or an employment agency. We will mobilise our network to ensure that we leave you in the right hands, but are NOT a job placement agency. We do our best for you to understand your job market of preference and to identify opportunities in the foreign land of your choice.

Welcome to our website!