Diana Pantoja on How Passion Fortifies our Mutual Goals for Social Change!

Today, I join forces with Valentina & Brittany and become part of honuguava.com. Today I walk the path I have been laying in front of me, and set all that potential to help other people achieve their dreams, gain cultural understanding, and help them help others.
It is a rough way the one that leads to success, but if it’s the one you have chosen, it will be one you walk with joy

Follow Up and Land an Interview!

It is essential to do a proper follow up after submitting your application for your desired position. Our experience tells us so! A targeted outreach is key in order to land the interview.

Hesitant to follow up? Well…. please don’t be. Following up is one of the most important steps during your application process. As long as you are mindful, following up will serve as a vantage point.